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GT&A Strategic Marketing - Technology Marketing, Content Strategy, Brand Journalism, Social Marketing, Startup Advisor, Marketing Strategy, Bus Dev, PR, Media Relations, Social Media, Blogger Relations, Name Development, Branding, Content Development

Strategies to Win
in the Knowledge Economy

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Founder: Graeme Thickins
graeme (at) gtamarketing (dot) com

We're an Advisor to Emerging Firms,
Focused on Helping Them Launch, Grow, and Prosper....

And We've Done It for More Than 150 Firms Over 25+ Years

Can You Use That Kind of Expertise?


+ Strategic Intelligence   + Marketing/Positioning   + Communications Strategy
+ Naming/Branding/Identity   + Startup Advisory Services   + Company Launch Services   + Content Marketing
+ Messaging & Content Development   + Business Development Services   + Social Business Strategy

All based on our extensive experience in the technology industry, over four business cycles...
a strong record of results... and scores of satisfied clients.

Please read and subscribe to Graeme's blog, launched in 2005,
which covers startups, innovation, tech conferences, and more:

And follow Graeme on AngelList (click his name in this image):

A Hat-Tip to Some of Our Recent Clients:

  • TruScribe
    (world's fastest growing whiteboard video animation company - Mpls/Madison/LA/Cologne)

  • Timmaron Group
    (technology-industry C-level strategy consultants - Mpls/St. Paul, Silicon Valley, global)

  • Sentera LLC
    (designer/developer/mfr of software, sensors & drones for agriculture, infrastructure & public safety)

  • Crelow LLC
    (an online marketplace that lets office space find you - now in Mpls/St. Paul and 8 other markets)

  • Treehouse Health
    (an innovation center and launchpad for healthcare startups)

  • Patchworks Inc. (U.S. site)
    (mobile accessories firm based in South Korea; managed PR for product launch, 2015 CES show/Las Vegas)

  • Buzz360 LLC
    (a SaaS platform that automates marketing for small businesses)

  • Campus Media Group's online recruiting resource, Mytasca
    (see this StarTribune piece we orchestrated for thema)
  • Canopy Co.
    (launched pressure-sensitive "app-enhancing" iPhone case at 2014 CES)

  • QFO Labs
    (high-tech toy drone mfr; major patent holder; failed Kickstarter, later a retail success)

    (online talent exchange for the rapidly growing U.S.-based contingent workforce)

  • Canopy Co.
    (original launch at 2013 CES, for the firm's initial, "touch-sensitive" iPhone case )

  • AsystMe LLC
    (early-stage mobile startup, context-aware technology)

  • enStratius
    (cloud management tools; acquired by DELL in 2013)

  • DoApp Inc.
    (mobile app platform, founded 2008; real-estate unit acquired by CoreLogic 2014; remainder of business acquired by Newscycle Solutions 2016)

  • Revenue Rocket Consulting Group
    ("Growth Champions for IT Services Companies Worldwide")

  • SportNgin
    (CMS platform for amateur sports teams; four VC rounds since 2011 totaling $39M; acquired by NBC Sports 2016)

  • NativeX (formerly W3i)
    (app distribution firm founded 2000, later changing focus to mobile native advertising; acquired by Mobvista in 2016)

  • Compellent
    (data storage techology firm acquired by DELL in 2011 for $960 million)

  • Workface Inc., a Minneapolis startup, now in Seattle and known as Engage.co
    (presented at DEMO Spring 2011 in CA)

  • Inveni LLC (recently renamed Luma.tv)

  • FanChatter
    (a 2009 Y Combinator startup)

  • Heroic
    (2012 MN Cup High-Tech Division runner-up; later failed)

  • MeAndMyMoney
    (a Minneapolis startup that presented at DEMO Fall 2011 in Silicon Valley)

    (2011 MN Cup High-Tech Division runner-up)

  • Godengo Inc. (now GTxcel)

  • Visi.com
    (launched ReliaCloud unit; company acquired by TDS, now its OneNeck IT div)

  • Skyya Communications

  • CodeMorphic Inc.

  • OnePlace collaboration software

  • Ntractive

  • Crescendo Ventures

  • Adaptive Avenue

  • GetGoMN (a 2006 startup community initiative later merged into MN Cup)

  • Jobs2Web
    (an enterprise recruitment platform, acquired in 2011 for $110 million by SuccessFactors, which was then acquired by SAP)

  • Virteva, an IT consulting and managed services company
    (developed naming & branding and helped launch the company; now celebrating 10 years in business, with 100+ employees)

For some historial perspective, here's an interview of Graeme Thickins, GT&A's founder,
written by a startup he met at the DEMO conference in 2008, with some predictions that proved to be on target:
Graeme Thickins On Tech Startups
Graeme also wrote this post, again in 2008, about the topic of entrepreneurs and advisors, which still holds true today:
The Best Advice I've Seen Lately On Using Startup Advisors

For a more recent article quoting Graeme, see this cover story in a 2015 issue of Minnesota Business magazine:
"The Power of Big Data"

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But for *real-time* DAILY news and insights, follow our founder at twitter.com/GraemeThickins -- as more than 6200 other online influentials do.

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